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Data for Social Good explores how  data and technology can impact society and help us reach the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 

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Data for Social Good aims to launch programs and organize events, collaborating with motivated industry leaders and students to create a positive social impact through the enhanced use of data and technology.

In the last decades, lives around the world have increasingly improved. More people have access to better healthcare, decent work, and education. But social inequalities and climate change are threatening to undo the gains. Investment in inclusive and sustainable economies can unleash significant opportunities for shared prosperity with political, technological, and financial solutions within reach. Greater leadership and rapid, unprecedented changes are needed to align these levels of change with sustainable development objectives.

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Furthering the cause of UN Sustainable Development Goals, our mission is to demonstrate our commitment and need for promoting social good through a data-driven lens. We intend to solve critical societal problems such as growing poverty, empowering women, and addressing the climate emergency. As the current health, humanitarian and development crisis reshapes life, the role of data has been pivotal in defining the same. This initiative serves as a gateway for the next-gen leaders to hone their skills and further collaborate for solving real-world problems while taking sight of the relentless momentum of technology and data.


Our programs and events will be conducted in partnership with nonprofits and government agencies, to tackle data-intensive high impact problems in education, public health, public diversity and safety, environmental issues, and social services, under the mentorship from industry experts and academicians.

Our upcoming initiatives would be centered around:

  • Upskilling workshops, speaker and employer events, talks and data projects serving public agencies and nonprofits committed to leveraging data for social welfare

  • Case studies from public health, climatic change, education, social welfare

  • Data sharing approaches across government, private and PPP organizations

  • Events, conferences and training programs in partnership with foundations

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"The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight."

Carly Fiorina, former CEO at Hewlett Packard

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